Gardena is a boutique investment firm that exists to grow the wealth of our clients. Generating attractive risk-adjusted returns in the current financial environment requires active management and greater sophistication. We give our clients added value by exploiting market inefficiencies in capital markets; with dedicated portfolio managers and analysts across our funds.

We aim to deliver superior performance, leveraging on our hedge fund heritage and staying true to our specialism. Striving to innovate new investment strategies using our broad range of sub-asset class expertise with a focus on absolute return and capital preservation. Alignment with the firm and our clients is crucial and accomplished via wide employee ownership.

Our investment process is clear and structured. It's also flexible, we can adapt our portfolio management for a wide variety of client requirements. We will focus on making investment decisions where we have established expertise, while minimizing the impact of those where we do not. We believe the mix of IT investments and financial skills to be our trademark.

Welcome to Gardena Capital.